Terms of Use

1.Term & Conditions

This User Agreement shall apply to all the Users of Sugamsanchar Portal.


Sugamsanchar portal:

The term Sugamsanchar Portal includes https://www.sugamsanchar.gov.in/ along with all its sub-domains, internal and external services serviced by this domain.


The term Services include all authorised services and/or facilities and/or features as are available on the Sugamsanchar portal.

Unauthorised activities:

The term Unauthorised activities includes any activity which is punishable under section 43 (for eg web scraping, altering source code, hacking, introducing viruses etc.)and Section 45 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (hereinafter IT Act) or which have been defined as offence under Chapter XI of The IT Act and/or any other activity which is prohibited under any Act, rules, regulations having force of law in India and/or any activity which contravenes access controls/Service use limits set by DoT on the Sugamsanchar Portal and/or any security feature developed by DoT on the Sugamsanchar Portal and/or any activity which is contrary to any other policies of the Sugamsanchar Portal.


The term User includes any persons/company/organization/entities/body/association/group of persons/ Authorised Service Provider and/or their affiliates accessing the Sugamsanchar Portal and/or using/accessing any Services provided by the Sugamsanchar Portal and/or conducting any activity authorised in writing by Department of Telecommunications (hereinafter DoT).

Permitted use

Sugamsanchar Portal shall not in any manner be used for any unauthorized activity. The Sugamsanchar Portal shall be used only for purposes as authorised by Department of Telecommunications.

Confidential Information and personally identifiable information of any licensee shall not be disclosed. For any unauthorised disclosure which is not attributable to DoT, DoT shall not be held responsible.

While using the Sugamsanchar Portal the user shall comply with all applicable laws, provide up to date, and correct and accurate information as may be required. The Services provided on the Sugamsanchar Portal shall be accessed only through the interfaces expressly authorised by DoT or on the Sugamsanchar Portal.

Without limitation of the above, the Users of Sugamsanchar Portal shall not:-

  • Imply or state any affiliation with or endorsement of DoT / without direct and express consent of such organisation (e.g., representing oneself as an accredited DoT associate).
  • Manipulating identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any message or post transmitted through the Sugamsanchar portal.
  • Monitoring the Sugamsanchar portal's availability, performance or functionality for any competitive purposes.
  • Overlaying or otherwise modifying the Sugamsanchar portal or their appearance.
  • Removing or covering or obscuring any advertisement included on the Sugamsanchar portal.
  • Renting, leasing, loaning, trading, selling/re-selling access to the Sugamsanchar portal or related data of Sugamsanchar portal.
  • Selling, sponsoring, or otherwise monetizing any Sugamsanchar portal Service or feature without DoT's direct and express consent.
  • Soliciting or collecting email addresses or other personal information of Sugamsanchar portal users or DoT users in any manner.
  • Using, disclosing or distributing any data obtained in violation of this policy.

This User Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Indian Laws. Any contravention of this User Agreement shall be viewed strictly and appropriate Criminal/ Civil action will be initiated in accordance with the applicable laws.

DoT exclusively reserves the rights, to change or modify or alter this User Agreement(whether completely or partially), from time to time, at its discretion, without any objections, interruptions, grounds, claims or liabilities of any third party/users.

If you do not agree to terms of this User Agreement you are requested not to use the Sugamsanchar Portal. By accessing Sugamsanchar Portal it is deemed that you have given your consent to this User Agreement and shall be bound by the terms of this User Agreement.



Last Updated On:14 May, 2022